Date Painting in Tile Hill

On balance, I've chosen to post this text on my Tile Hill site about the painter George Shaw's work. This just means hopping over to 
here. Still, I might post it to the On Kawara site as well, not sure yet. Not sure it matters too much, which is not to say I'm not totally into the material.


The above is a sample from the page. (Oh, Coventry, poor neighbour of Kenilworth, Stratford and Leamington Spa, how we love thee.) And so is the below.

George Shaw. The Painted Wall, 2017. Enamel on canvas 92 x 121cm. Digital intervention by Duncan McLaren after On Kawara.

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Actually there is more to say on this page. Let me build up to something a bit special.

Jonathan Watkins has put on solo shows of both George Shaw and On Kawara at the Ikon in Birmingham.

Firstly, there was 'Consciousness. Meditation. Watcher on the Hills.' That was on show between 20 November, 2002 and 26 January, 2003. A show of On Kawara Date Paintings, one a year from 1966 to 2002, each painting being made on a Sunday. I saw it and wrote about it for Art Review.

The significant show of George Shaw's work was 'What I did this Summer' It was hung from July 29 until September 14, 2003. I saw it when the show moved to DCA (Dundee Contemporary Arts).

Then there was a second On Kawara show at the Ikon, called 'Eternal Return', where the exact same paintings were shown again four years later, with the addition of four new Dates, all Sundays, SEPT. 14, 2003MAY 9, 20042 JAN. 2005 and 19 FEB. 2006. What a brilliant idea, I remember thinking, sad that I was no longer writing for art magazines.

Now, in the summer of 2006, as Jonathan remembers it, George had come to see him about something, and while waiting in his office, George sketched the Date Painting that Jonathan had temporarily hung there. The drawing was done on a postcard which George gave to Jonathan before the end of the day, and which Jonathan has duly respected:

7xedycvmqci7lflakp002bgnq_thumb_ec3a George Shaw. 2017. Ink on postcard. Photo courtesy of Jonathan Watkins.

But looking at the dates of the showing of 'Eternal Return', these were 26 July, 2006 to 17 September, 2006. So all the Date Paintings would have been on display in the gallery on August 5. I can only assume that George Shaw, who, I know, is an admirer of On Kawara, would have taken a good look around the show. And as he sat in Jonathan's office, processing what he'd seen, it would have been the most natural thing in the world to make the above sketch in tribute to a fellow artist's vision.

But then I think, August 5, 2006, was a Saturday. Surely the director and one of his artists wouldn't have scheduled a meeting to talk business then?