Timebound Artist; Timeless Visionary
the all-seeing years: 1966 - 1979

As of today, November 17, 2023, this work is complete, in that it integrates into the previous version all the material put online by Tama Art University earlier this year. The chapters start here. The next thing for me will be to produce an all-text version of On Kawara: 1966-1979. The present work keeps returning to the surface: On Kawara's Date Paintings, his 'I GOT UP' postcards, his 'I WENT' maps and his 'I MET' lists. If I confine myself to my own line of narrative, I should be able to delve deeper into my response to On Kawara's art. That's the idea, anyway. I've tried it on the first three chapters and it seems to work. But enough about the work I have in front of me in 2024. In front of you, dear reader, is a highly illustrated version of this 'book'. I say it's complete, but I dare say I will be adding to it if more information and/or alternative sources of insight present themselves.

Duncan McLaren